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Costs of Selling a Property Madison

If you want to know more about the costs of selling a property in Madison, I can help. I’m a local real estate expert in this market. I specialize in residential home sales, valuation, and marketing. First, let me show you an overview of the steps I take to sell a home quickly for top dollar. Then, I’ll provide this information to you in a free consultation.

The first point to consider is the importance of estimating an accurate projected sale value. Most people do this on the internet, but that’s not up to industry standards. So when I pull your home listing on the MLS, I’ll see property inspection reports and appraisal information. This details the entire property's asset value, including the ground it sits on. I’ll also estimate the cost of critical repairs necessary for your buyer to qualify for a bank loan.

If this budget fits comfortably within the estimated sale amount, I’ll recommend you do these first. Qualified buyers can’t get bank financing to buy your home without this. The next step is to market your home as a showroom with approved financing. I’ll target the qualified buyers on the MLS who’ve expressed serious interest in your market. The MLS does this. The internet doesn’t.

So, if you’re ready to learn the costs of selling a property in Madison, call today, and we’ll get started. By taking these steps exactly as I take them, the cost is zero because you make your money back. If you take your chances and it doesn’t sell, then what? Trust me. Before you make up your mind, call me, and I’ll walk you through everything. It’s free, and there’s no obligation. Thanks, I look forward to our chat.

Helpful tips: https://home.howstuffworks.com/real-estate/selling-home/house-selling.htm

  • Learn the costs of selling a property in Madison from a local real estate professional.

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